“Best” Pickup Lines Revealed

The dating site badoo.com studied the pickup lines in nearly 200,000 online dating introductions and discovered what lines are most successful for women of different nationalities. If a woman is British, a man is apparently better off complimenting her legs, while Italian, French, American and Brazilian women want to be told they “dress beautifully.” Spanish and South American ladies like to have their hair praised, while German and Canadian gals appreciate compliments about their skin. Oddly, the line that works best on Dutch and Portuguese women? “You have beautiful ears.” Seriously? I’d have put that one in the camp of worst pickup lines, for sure! The line that was found to get the most response from women as a whole: “You have beautiful lips.” Huh, if that was a guy’s opening line to me before we’d even met face-to-face, there would never be a first date. [via Telegraph]

Tags: flirting, studies