Hilarious Blog Alert: WTForever21

The white leopard-print leggings? The furry pink vest? The sequined belt? Yup, every WTF item in my closet is from Forever 21. But the store’s so inexpensive, can you say no to a lime green bra and panties set covered in spikes?! (OK, I made that last one up. But they probably sell it.) The older I get, the more difficult it gets to justify shopping at a store that I’m sure outfitted many a Lady Gaga costume this past Halloween. That’s why I’m somewhat obsessed with the blog WTForever 21, which mercilessly mocks the store’s weirder offerings. The post that goes along with this witch-y outfit here (the lace skirt can be all yours for $19.80), particularly cracked me up: 1692? You’re definitely getting accused of poisoning the well or conversing with the Devil. 1992? You’re definitely getting accused of listening to way too much Four Non Blondes. 2002? You’re definitely in a Fleetwood Mac tribute band.” Hilarious, right? I definitely recommend this blog for Forever 21 friends and foes alike. [WTForever21]

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