Top 10 Celebrity Names That Irritate Copy Editors

Yesterday, just after Ami’s post “What Was Your Best Day Of 2010?” went live, a friend kindly emailed me to tell me that Miike Snow was misspelled. I appreciate her keeping me on my toes—as a Copy Editor tending to lots of posts throughout the day, there are things I miss sometimes. But the band Miike Snow is actually spelled that way with two i’s. “That’s so dumb,” she replied. And she’s right! There are a lot of dumb spellings for band names, but even more annoying, to me at least, are the celebs who spell their names in silly, strange ways just to be different. Those celebs can really ruin my day. Here are the top 10 offenders of recent memory.

  1. Barbra Streisand: Yeah, Babs kicked off the screwy spelling thing when she arrived in NYC in 1961, because she wanted to “be unique,” she says. Yeah, that’s uniquely a pain in the a** to remember that spelling.
  2. Courteney Cox:You saw it correctly. There’s an extra “e.” Why? I have no idea.
  3. Ke$sha: It’s pronounced “Kesha,” with no emphasis on the “e” and you don’t pronounce the dollar sign, OK?
  4. Shannen Doherty: Maybe she’d have better luck with love if she spelled Shannon the normal way. It could be humbling, and might make her more endearing to potential suitors. Just a thought.
  5. Rachael Ray: I heard someone wrote a business proposal for “The Rachael Ray Show,” but left that elusive second “a” out and … let’s just say Rachael didn’t want to do business with someone who couldn’t pay attention to details. See, people! Copy-editing is important!
  6. Jaime Pressly: I’ve never heard her name said out loud. Is it pronounced more like “Je t’aime,” the French saying for “I love you”?
  7. Nicolas Cage: Right, there’s no “h.” Of course this isn’t even his real name anyway. It’s Nicholas Coppola. Why would you not want to tout the Coppola moniker?
  8. Jamie Foxx: What, he’s so sexxy he needs the exxtra “x”?
  9. Jake Gyllenhaal: This name always looks wrong to me even when it’s spelled correctly. So does Alexander Skarsgard. But since both offenders are hunky, I’m not that irritated really.
  10. OctoMom: OK, I have a beef with this name because it’s one of those that’s spelled several different ways. Is it Octo-Mom, Octomom, or OctoMom, ’cause I see all three spellings on blogs in the papers? You’d think this celebrity-obsessed fertile Myrtle would have a better sense of self-marketing.

Got any more weirdly spelled celebrity names for me? I’m surely leaving a bunch off the list.