“The Daily Show” Talks to 9/11 First Responders


Whether you come down on the Republican or Democrat side, it’s hard not to watch this clip from “The Daily Show” and not be angry. As many of you know, a Republican filibuster prevented a bill allotting funds to September 11th first responders to come up to a vote in the Senate. As John Devlin, one of the first responders says, “We’re patriots to this country. We went down there for the love of this country … . We didn’t turn our back on anybody … . For us to be here, still, nine years later just to be fighting for our health our compensation … ” Each of the four men is suffering from severe 9/11-related health problems, and dealing with insurmountable medical bills. When asked about their response to Senator John Kyl’s (R-Arizona) claim that working to pass the 9/11 responders bill in the week between Christmas and New Year’s would be disrespectful to Christians, fireman Kenny Speck said: “It just goes to show the disconnect between those who we elect to represent us. Because you won’t find a New York City fireman who considers it a sign of disrespect to work on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.” Please watch. [The Daily Show]