Do You Have a Sex Fetish?

Hey, we all like what we like. And one woman’s sexual trash could be another woman’s totally hot treasure. Sex fetishes are often very individualized forms of sexual expression. I remember once having sex with a guy who really loved doing it outdoors and in strange places. As in, one time he had sex with an ex in a Kmart dressing room because it satisfied his sex in public fetish. I dated another guy who had a thing for perfectly painted toenails, and would attempt to incorporate foot-play into our sexual tete-a-tetes (I just wasn’t into it). And whether you’re sexually vanilla or come complete with your own series of whips, chains and helium balloons (yes, that’s a real fetish), it’s fascinating to consider what makes people tick. Adult film actress Aurora Snow thinks so, too. And since she’s done many pretty kinky things on film, we imagine she’s something of an expert. Aurora’s worked in dozens of fetish films and says that fetish films can pay big money. Lindsay Lohan was recently offered $50,000 to make a fully-clothed balloon-popping fetish film. What’s so sexy about balloons? Says Aurora, there are two kinds–people who like popping, and people who like blowing. “For the poppers, there is a sexual tension in the blowing up of the balloon. The balloon popping is a metaphoric and literal sexual release. For the non-poppers, the turn-on is watching the balloon expand and expand.”

She’s also worked in rope play, which is a fetish I didn’t even know existed until yesterday. Rope play started in 17th century Japan, supposedly,

Whatever your particular interest, it’s comforting to know that people are finding such creative ways to get off. Tell us: Do you have a sexual fetish? Does your partner have one?