And The Prize Goes To … The Best Holiday Treat

Last week, we asked you to tell us how you treat yourself during the holidays, in the hopes of winning your holiday wish list from Avon. You all gave us some great ideas for maintaining our sanity this time of year. But there could be only one winner. L’Avant Gardener won the prize for her touching story:

“I grew up with my maternal grandmother (Mamaw) and learned how to unwind and escape by watching her. She would sometimes take a day to step back from her hectic farm life and make herself feel like a queen. When life gets too stressful (Like now, with the holidays approaching, money tight, and a move across town on the horizon) I remember my very wise Mamaw, and do as she would do.

I put on a little music, wash my hair, and take the two hours to slowly roll it into pins, and let it set in waves. (I remember her smiling at me from under her hair-rolls, and twisting her feet to gospel music while hop-stepping across the kitchen.) While I wait, I’ll cook something from scratch, like my coffee truffles, or a ratatouille pie. I’ll have a meal in private, taking my sweet time.

By the time my boyfriend gets home, I’m energized, content, and have beautiful wavy hair. He knows that when I can “get my hair done” I’ve had a good day.

(And what better way to return to Christmas shopping, working overtime, and apartment hunting than with sexy hair and truffles in your purse?)”