What Was Your Best Day This Year?

As part of my effort to focus on the positive occasionally, I make it a habit at the end of each year to jot down a top ten list of my favorite days. I was working on mine this morning. After some deliberation, I would have to say my favorite day was while I was at SXSW Music Festival in Austin this March. The morning started with Tecates, breakfast burritos, and a “16 and Pregnant” marathon with my girls and ended with a very exclusive Miike Snow show in a tent. The cherry on top was the late-night serenade session. My friends and I all walked along the train tracks on the way home and spontaneously burst out singing “Lean on Me” for no particular reason. It was a damn good day. After the jump, The Frisky staffers share their favorite days. What was yours?

“It was a day sometime in July. My boyfriend and I spend a sunny Saturday walking around Montmartre. We had some great food, got tipsy in the afternoon, and made out a lot.” – Leo

”For my birthday present this year my boyfriend took me to a fancy spa on Fifth Avenue where I had a full-body massage and a facial. Afterwards we put on robes, put our feet up and relaxed together while eating healthy snacks and reading the newspaper together. Then we drove downtown to the West Village and ate dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, The Spotted Pig. It’s a very cramped restaurant but we were very lucky that night and seated in this little small room in the back, which was perfect for people watching. I ate my favorite dishes off the menu, drank some wine and just felt so in love and contented. That was the happiest I’ve felt all year.” – Jessica

“My favorite day this year was when my six foot chocolate couch made out of teddy bears arrived. I had saved up money to purchase this couch, and the first time I parked ass on it, and turned on the talking box, I almost wept. I had no idea how superficial I could be, as I was emotionally moved by materialism.” – John DeVore

“Sipping pina coladas on a perfectly sunny day by the Palms pool in Vegas with my husband and a group of friends when we were there on a long weekend getaway in September. That afternoon it started to rain, so we all ran across the street to a dive-y casino where I played $5 roulette and won $75, and then that night we went to a music festival — “Matador (Records) at 21″ — also at the Palms, and saw Sonic Youth, Liz Phair, Guided By Voices and Yo La Tengo play in a glorious celebration of ’90s indie music. By far the most magical day of the year.” – Joanne

“On the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend I got all bundled up and with my husband and two of my closest friends who were visiting from Chicago. We walked several miles from my apartment in Brooklyn across the Brooklyn bridge up to Chelsea in Manhattan. It was a cold, but sunny day, and we stopped several times along the way, getting drinks in little neighborhood dive bars, posing for pictures, having a delicious dinner in Chinatown, and ending the night with karaoke in Chelsea. It was a perfect topper to a weekend that was full of love, laughter, family and wonderful friends and by the end of it, my cheeks literally hurt from smiling so much.” – Wendy

“I guess the best two days of my life occurred last week. I took off Friday, the day before my birthday, and didn’t do anything I didn’t want to. My manicurist was nice enough to come into the salon on her day off to give me a fabulous spa pedicure and manicure. Then, I went to my favorite fried fish spot for a meal of whitings and chips. I went home and took a nap until it was time to get ready for my night out. I’d arranged to have drinks with friends at a lounge in Harlem. I had friends from every stage of my life there to toast up my birthday. They’re all some truly amazing people. We stayed out until 3 am. I woke up with a hangover, but still went to the spa with my mom. This has become a sort of a birthday tradition for us. The minute I sank into the hot tub, my nausea went away. I then enjoyed a hot stone massage that was so good I fell asleep. Later that night my ex boyfriend took me to Guantanamera, a Cuban restaurant that has live music, in Manhattan. We had to wait a bit, but the owner gifted me a bottle of wine for our trouble. My ex also added to my Barbie collection with Pop Design Barbie. He went through a lot of trouble to find that doll and purchased it in Atlanta.” – Annika