Today’s Lady News: And Now, A 12-Year-Old Will Lecture You About Abortion

  • You know you want to listen to a 12-year-old girl spew anti-abortion rhetoric while comparing the procedure to a “personal choice,” like choosing chocolate or vanilla ice cream. I’m guessing she didn’t write the script for this lecture? [VideoGum]
  • A National Organization for Women chapter in California plans to file complaints against Hooters restaurants in the state for selling merchandise geared towards children, like tee shirts in child sizes with statements like “Future Hooters Girl.” Um, ew. [SFist]
  • The fifth season of “Skins” in the U.K. will star a gender-bending girl named Franky Fitzgerald. []

  • Alaska’s “parental notification” law for teen girls seeking an abortion went into effect yesterday. The parents of girls, ages 17 and younger, must be notified by a doctor if their child is having an abortion; although, they do not have to provide consent. [Ms. Magazine]
  • University of Minnesota golf coach Katie Brenny claims she was demoted to a desk job when her boss found out she was a lesbian. []
  • Two doctors are being trained to provide abortions in Wichita, Kansas, following the May 2009 murder of abortion provider Dr. George Tiller by an anti-abortion extremist. Drs. Mila Means and Greg Linhardt said they learned how to provide the procedures to honor Tiller’s commitment to women’s health. [CNBC]
  • “Tiny Furniture” writer and director Lena Dunham spoke to Nashville Scene about how her feminist beliefs inform her filmmaking. “I try to be realistic, but even if it’s realistic, if I do something that feels like it’s perpetrating negative stereotypes, not necessarily advancing the common cause, I will take it out,” she said. “I try to write characters that I respect … I am pretty conscious of that.” [Nashville Scene]
  • Let’s all take a moment to remember the very worst advertisements of the year, like the nasty Summer’s Eve ad that advocated douching before you ask for a raise! [AdRants]


  • The European Court of Human Rights ruled that Ireland’s criminalization of abortion infringes on women’s human rights. Three women have claimed their health was put at risk by having to travel to another country for a safe, legal abortion. The court ruled that Ireland did put one woman’s life at risk, but not the lives of the two others. [The Guardian, BBC]
  • At last, some good news on the women’s pay equity front: The wage gap in the United Kingdom is shrinking because women are having bigger pay increases. [BBC]
  • Winnipeg’s government killed a bill that would have criminalized “coercing” a woman into having an abortion, apparently out of fear it would becoming a slippery slope to criminalize all abortion. [Vancouver Sun]
  • British pop star and fat positivity activist Beth Ditto is releasing her own four-song LP. Yay! [Feministing]