Tajazzle Your Vajayjay For The Ultimate In Personal Confidence!

Vagina got you down? Put some bling in your fling with Tajazzle! The Tajazzle system gives us ladies “personal confidence” with scented body powder, lotions to put on your “kissful areas” (read: smelly vajajay), and last but certainly not least, sparkly crystal tattoos made of “genuine Swarovski elements” to affix someplace intimate and show off to your lover. Because if you so desperately need a man to compliment your dirty, ugly and bad ladyparts, putting sparkly jewels on your inner thighs to distract surprise him is totally the way to go. You can learn all about how Tajazzle will give you personal confidence in this vaguely softcore infomercial. I promise you it is worth 14 minutes of your life. But do not take a shot every time it says Tajazzle will give you “personal confidence,” because you will be dead before it’s through.File this under “Things That Should Be On An Episode Of ’30 Rock’ But Are Actually Real,” please. I guess if advertisers can’t get women to feel insecure enough about their vaginas to buy douche products, selling them sparkles is the next, err, logical step? (After douching to get a raise, of course!)

Also, Vajazzle lawsuit to be filed in five … four … three … two … [YouTube via Best Week Ever]