Ask The Man Panel: What Do You Think Of Shaman Chic?

Sequins and feathers are both huge trends right now. Combining the two makes quite a dramatic fashion statement, as this $485 J.Crew skirt proves. What does the Man Panel think of this striking piece? Read on for their candid opinions …

Henry, 26: I’d advise against wearing this at an airport. They’ll think you’re smuggling rare birds through customs.

Kyle, 22: It looks like she has stomach hair that hangs down to her chocha.

Chris, 29: There is nothing outlandish or inappropriate about this ensemble … assuming the girl is a shaman.

Nick, 24: This skirt would only be worth $485 if it was made out of chain maille and protected your vagina from a crossbow attack. But even then it wouldn’t be worth it because who uses a crossbow anymore?

Paul, 31: I’m confused. So after I kill a muppet, I can now proudly display its hide/pelt/scalp? And the sequins are there to prove that I’m a real manly muppet hunter, who’s very secure in his muppet killing masculinity?