David Arquette Is A Man On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown

David Arquette’s verbal diarrhea needs to stop already. As we’ve already surmised, he’s having a nervous breakdown and talking about it on the air again. While appearing on the “Howard Stern” show again on Wednesday, Howard asked him straight-up, “Are you having a nervous breakdown?” What he said next was way TMI.“I believe I am,” he replied. Duh. We already knew that. It would have been perfectly acceptable to stop right there, but he kept going. He admitted to accidentally calling Tom Cruise “Sean” while drunk at a recent holiday party. Actually, that’s kind of funny. “I’ve been drinking a lot because I’m heartbroken,” he divulged. “It’s really a personal, traumatic thing … when I drink, I become a maniac … when you wake up and reality hits you, it’s hard.”

But what crazy David Arquette rant would be complete without talking about his marriage? He told Howard that Courteney Cox didn’t want to be his mother. “But I kind of need a mother,” he went on. Oh, for the love. There’s more. He wants to breed with Drew Barrymore. Just breed.

If I were Courteney, I’d be looking for the nearest hole to crawl in. I will take comfort in the fact that David revealed that he is seeing a psychiatrist weekly, but still, I didn’t really need to know that. [Us Weekly]