9 Celebrity Fire Starters

pyro diddy jpg
On Tuesday night, Diddy threw a party in the penthouse of a New York City hotel to celebrate the release of Last Train to Paris. In the bathroom, Diddy had set up oodles of candles around a bathtub, and many of the party’s guests congregated there, including Fabolous and Trey Songz. All was well, until a model leaned her head back … and her hair sparked flames. Conveniently, the whole thing was caught on camera. “Fab was the first person to see the fire,” someone says in the video. “We put it out as quick as we could, I can honestly say.” Still, the fire department was called. Which made Diddy rub his temples and say, “It’s crazy, but everything is under control.” Following the incident, Diddy has been banned from the hotel. [Fox News]

Now obviously, fires aren’t funny—they can be disastrous. But when they are put out quickly and no one gets hurt, past a model’s hairdo, they can be mildly amusing. After the jump, other strange celebrity fire incidents.

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