16 Words And Phrases We Want To Retire In 2010

It’s the end of the year and we’re sweeping out our closet — and that includes annoying words and phrases that we’re just so over. After the jump, we give you the ten most headache-inducing words of 2010. Let’s not bring them into the new year, shall we? And tell us what words you never want to hear again in the comments!

  1. Vajazzle: Vajazzling is both a repulsive idea and a repulsive term for a repulsive idea. No, your vagina does not need Swarovski crystals on it. And frankly, I’d be worried about any guy who prefers your vagina diamond-encrusted.
  2. Vajayjay: Ditto on Vajayjay–If you are referring to your vagina as a va-jay-jay, you aren’t worthy of your vagina.
  3. Friend: Not as in “you are my friend.” Friend, as in: “Did you friend me on Facebook yet?”
  4. Hai: I love a LOLCAT as much as the next girl, but please stop typing the word “Hai” when you really mean “hello.” It’s not cute and it perpetuates bad spelling.
  5. “I’m a Carrie”: Grown-ass women do not need to be comparing themselves to any “Sex and the City” character. Especially after seeing this year’s “SATC” movie sequel.
  6. It is What It Is: We’ve been trying to clear this one out for a long time now. Do y’all understand that saying “it is what it is” is the verbal equivalent of a dirty hippie guy playing hackysack while listening to Phish in your bathroom while you’re trying to take a shower?
  7. Synergy/Synergize: A nebulous business world term that’s become mainstreamed. No, we don’t want to synergize that content–I’m too busy watching “Golden Girls.”
  8. Retarded: This one is self-explanatory.
  9. Amazeballs: Equally annoying: Crazeballs, No more balls, guys.
  10. Sexytimes: It’s sex, boning, doing it or banging. But sexytimes? No.
  11. Fashionista and anything” ista”: Fashionista. Stylista. Whateverista. I’m Boredista. Let’s Stop Thisista.
  12. Girl Boner: It conjures really terrible images of engorged clitorises. Please don’t do that to us.
  13. Abbreviations like Obvi, Obvs, Totes, etc: We’re not totally opposed to these, but WHEN DOES IT STOP?
  14. That’s what she said: Saying “that’s what she said” is the quickest way to ensure that no girl will ever say anything to you again.
  15. I die: Rachel Zoe burned this phrase into our heads–and now we wish it would die.
  16. OMG: OMG, OMG is totally over. OMG! No, no, no. Let’s start expressing genuine emotion again.