Who Did It Best? Actors Who’ve Played The Same Roles

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“Snow White” is soooooo hot right now. There are currently two big-budget movie versions of the story in the works, and two women of high pedigree are being courted to play the role of the Evil Queen. So who do you think will deliver the line “Mirror, mirror on the wall” with more gusto—Julia Roberts or Charlize Theron? Julia is in negotiations to play the poison apple-wielding role in “The Brothers Grimm: Snow White,” which will be directed by Tarsem Singh of “The Fall.” Meanwhile, Charlize is being looked at for “Snow White and the Huntsmen,” which some think will be a romantic reinterpretation of the classic story. I’m kind of split on who would make the better Evil Queen. Both ladies are Oscar winners, but I personally think Charlize is far more interesting and can go sinister more easily. Then again, Julia is a little bit older and seems more believable as a woman jealous of the youngest, hottest new thing in town. But would she be able to tame the smile long enough to be believably mean? Yeah, you’re right—I’m all for Charlize on this one. [Moviefone]

Interestingly, in Hollywood it often happens that two very similar movies are made at the exact same time. Here are some other actors who played the same role and our picks for who pulled it off better. And the Frisker (Frisky + Oscar = Frisker) goes to …

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