What Gets You Off?

Spank bank: It’s the one bank where you always have credit. And no matter what you’re into–what kind of fantasies or images or stories you play to get off–your spank bank is an invaluable resource. We’ve been talking a lot about masturbation and we want to know: when you’re flicking the bean, what makes you hot and bothered? And if you’re wondering what Frisky staffers get off to, well, click on the jump…
A random and anonymous sampling of staff yielded the following results. We get down to:

  • Michael Lucas–it’s gay porn in Armani suits.Sometimes I fantasize about the sex scenes in “Le Divorce” between Kate Hudson and her older married lover … imagining I’m her, romping in bed in a chic haircut and sexy lingerie. Yes, I have an older man thing.
  • Everyone I’ve ever had good sex with in the past. I have a “greatest hits” of sexual experiences and I play different tracks on the album depending what mood I’m in.
  • Trent Reznor circa 1994.

So what fantasy or image or thought gets you in the mood? Tell us in the comments!