Quickies: Pam Anderson Gets Her 13th “Playboy” Cover & Kim Kardashian Is Going To Adopt

  • Pam Anderson has racked up 12 more covers of Playboy since her first one 20 years ago. [PopEater]
  • Former child star Melissa Gilbert thinks Miley Cyrus wanted to get caught smoking from a bong. [The Superficial]
  • This isn’t a good look for Sam Ronson, but what is? [Celebuzz]

  • Kim Kardashian might adopt a South African orphan during her trip to the country beginning Dec. 15. [Starpulse.com]
  • Are Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes getting divorced? [Popbytes]
  • Lt. Dan Choi, a leading activist fighting to end the ban on gays and lesbians serving openly in the military, was involuntarily committed to a Veterans Affairs psychological ward this weekend after a nervous breakdown. [AOL News]
  • Here are the 10 greatest nude scenes of the year. [Newser]
  • Apparently, this is real. [Double Viking]