Kim Kardashian: A Dating Timeline

It’s become increasingly hard to keep up with Kim Kardashian’s love life. The curvaceous reality star has been linked to so many dudes since she broke up with Reggie Bush last spring that it’s nearly impossible to keep track. Not to mention that it’s hard to tell who she’s actually dating and who she just happens to say five words to and then the tabloids spin it into some full-blown romance. Kim’s supposed new dude? New Jersey Nets player Kris Humphries. She was seen last weekend at Provocateur lounge, partying until 2 a.m. with the baller. Because that a relationship makes? [PopEater]

It’s sorta driving me crazy how every time Kim is spotted near a guy, the headlines are all “Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend.” Relax, people. The girl is single. She’s allowed to mingle. But just to keep you up to speed, we’ve made a super helpful timeline of this single lady’s alleged dating history.

  • November 22: Gabriel Aubry. Kim was most recently linked to Halle Berry’s ex, Calvin Klein model Gabriel. The two were spotted at a Lakers game and had reportedly been dating for a few weeks. [Too Fab]
  • November 10: LeBron James. There were rumors that Kim was LeBron’s “personal guest” at a Nets Heat game recently, but when the story broke, James took to Twitter to deny the rumors vehemently. He is married with two kids, after all. [Total Pro Sports]
  • October 25: John Mayer. Kim went out with John Mayer a few times in New York and reportedly they “hit it off.” [TMZ]
  • October 24: Shengo Deane. Kim was reportedly dating her Australian bodyguard Shengo, who she made out with during last season’s “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” The two went to the top of the Empire State Building and Kim showed her hunky protector around the city. [Hollywood Life]
  • October 23: Kanye West. Kim and Kanye were spotted at a Chicago restaurant, and were reportedly “all over each other.” A witness said, “Kanye had his arm around her all evening! He was rubbing her knee all night—they definitely looked like a couple.” I’m skeptical. [Movies NDTV]
  • October 21: Sean Parker. It was said that Napster founder Sean Parker was flirting with Kim at the Angel Ball in New York, even though he brought another date to the event. [Hollywood Life]
  • October 7: Michael Copon. “One Tree Hill” actor Michael and Kim have apparently been friends for years and a source says they reconnected and are “hitting it off romantically.” Maybe she’ll get a guest-starring role? [Celeb Glitz]
  • September 24: Mark Salling. “Glee” star Mark, who plays Puck on the show, said that he had met Kim briefly and she was “lovely,” but he denied the rumors that they were dating. Such a gentleman. [Metrolyrics]
  • September 20: Chris Brown. It was rumored that Kim was dating Rihanna’s ex Chris and that the two exchanged sexy texts. An insider said that Kim had always had a crush on Chris, and her brother Rob Kardashian gave her his number. This seems super likely. But not. [In Case You Didn’t Know]
  • August 12: Chase Crawford. While she was still dating Miles Austin (see below), there were rumors that Kim was hooking it up with the “Gossip Girl” star. The two presented an award and “hit it off,” chatting backstage and “might go on a date.” She seems to “hit it off” an awful lot. [Celebrity Dirty Laundry]
  • June 24 to September 20: Miles Austin. Kim dated Dallas Cowboys star Miles Austin this summer and talked up the relationship on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.” They still exchange the occasional flirty Tweet. [Us Weekly]
  • June 13: Justin Bieber. As unlikely as it was that Kim was dating the 16-year-old pop singer, after pictures of the two holding hands surfaced, Kim received death threats from his fans. Those teenyboppers are super serious about their Beeb. [TMZ]
  • April 16: Cristiano Ronaldo. After her breakup from Reggie Bush, one of Kim’s first alleged rebounds was international soccer star (and hottie) Cristiano Ronaldo. The two hooked up in Madrid and a friend said they were “semi-dating.” [OK Magazine]