Frisky Readers Share Their Worst Gifts Ever

Last week, Frisky staffers told you about the worst gifts we’ve ever received. We had some doozies, ranging from terrifying clown dolls to new-age water fountains to passive-aggressive sweaters and self-help books, but we were blown away by the hilarious stories readers had to share. After the jump, a collection of our favorite cringe-worthy comments …

“My first boyfriend gave me an unwrapped book entitled ‘How to Be Twice As Smart.’ I was in college. He was a professional pothead. Oh the irony…” —Chomskyist

“One Christmas my mom gave me a bag full of tampons as a gift.” —Xanthe

“My uncle gave me a gray sweatshirt embroidered with “#1 Niece” in rainbow-colored thread. I was a junior in college.” —ErikaWells

“I had a shaved head in my early 20s. My Aunt and Uncle got me a hair accessory gift pack.” —Janelove

“My mom has been known to get things just a little off. We asked for a DVD of “Grosse Point Blank” one year and got “Point Blank,” which was some direct to DVD release staring Danny Trejo, back before anyone knew who he was other than ‘second drug dealer from the left.'” —LadyMacBeth

“My most recent ex-boyfriend gave me fossilized dinosaur poop–with the price tag still on it (I think it was $4)–last year for Christmas, and that’s all. He was 24 and we’d been dating for almost a year.” —Hot Sandwich

“I received a muumuu and a space heater from my husband for our first Christmas.” —Medie77

“This year for Christmas my dad has informed us that he’ll be buying my sister a laptop, since she really needs a new computer. He didn’t want to get me and my husband something we wouldn’t use, so he’s buying me … wait for it … meat. Yes, an assortment of meat for my freezer.” —Redneckdebutante

“Two years ago I was given two car mats, a steering wheel cover, two selt belt cover things, and a trash bag for my car that had big green tree frogs all over them. I am terrified of frogs.” —Marschick

“An ex-boyfriend gave me an electric toothbrush for an anniversary gift.” —KBells

“My grandma bought me a Bedazzler… when I was 20.” —ItsCayte