Bad Haircut Blues: Go Shorter Or Deal With It?

I have a question to pose to the class. Last week, I got a horrible haircut. Now, to say it is The World’s Worst Haircut would be stretching it, but it’s still pretty crappy. How can I describe it for you … think: Donny Osmond meets David Cassidy meets JTT circa 1996. First of all, one should never find oneself in this type of situation because we should all be confident and brave enough to stand up to our hairdressers when they start doing something weird, right? Well, call me a wimp, but I stayed silent as some dude flicked his scissors around my ‘do, which became increasingly mullet-like before my own eyes.

SO. What to do when you do find yourself in this post-haircut horror situation? There are two obvious answers. You bite the bullet and pay for a second haircut, probably in a more expensive salon, and take the look shorter. Or you just deal and try to cover it up as much as possible with styling until it grows out. Which method do you think is better?