18 Signs You’re Ready To Stop Being Single

Wasn’t it fun sluttin’ around? If you just agreed with that statement, in the past tense, well, girl, you just might need to read this list. Because you know you’re ready to settle down when …

  1. You use coasters.
  2. You call your cat your “baby.”
  3. Your dream lover is a home owner.
  4. Your Christmas wish list could mostly be purchased at Bed, Bath & Beyond.
  5. You’re sick of spending $10 a month on batteries for your boyfriend.
  6. You skipped out on your friend’s birthday party, not because you had more fabulous plans, but because you wanted to stay home and chill.
  7. Crate and Barrel is an aphrodisiac.
  8. You already sleep on one side of the bed.
  9. The plants you bought are still alive.
  10. Your dog is the only thing that has kissed you in at least a month.
  11. You have a matching set of glasses at home that aren’t for booze.
  12. You wouldn’t need more than five minutes to get your apartment ready for your Grandma to visit.
  13. Your dry cleaner knows your name.
  14. When someone invites you to their home, you bring something other than Four Loko and a bag of chips.
  15. You love going to weddings.
  16. You have a savings account— not so fast—with money in it.
  17. You’re not afraid to hold a baby.
  18. The art on your walls is in frames.