10 Tips On How To Have A Sexy Christmas With Your S.O.

When you think about it, all the decadence and pleasure wrapped up in Christmas make it a rather sexy holiday. So many yuletide activities—eating chocolates, spending time in front of a roaring fire in your pajamas, gift-giving—naturally lead to romantic moments. At least they do in holiday movies like “When Harry Met Sally,” “Love, Actually” and “The Family Stone,” where falling in love is the true Christmas miracle. If you’re already in love, though, how do you rev up the Christmastime passion? We can think of at least 10 ways for you and your partner to put the x in your X-MAS this year.

  1. Dress up like a sexy Santa. Hey, it got these celebs some sexy attention. There’s a whole industry of Christmastime-specific lingerie, so dance to “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” in a candy cane-striped red negligee or a Mrs. Claus teddy. He’ll be jingling your bells in no time. In case you didn’t already know, just the color red gets us horny.
  2. Make him a customized sexy Christmas card. Perhaps Elaine’s nip slip on her Christmas card on “Seinfeld” inspires you or maybe you want to write out sweet (dirty) nothings of what you plan to really give him for Christmas. Or can you always write him a love letter. Just make sure he doesn’t hang your personalized card on the mantle alongside the cards from your cousins and neighbors, you know, so your folks don’t read it when they come over.
  3. Give him a sexy pinup calendar featuring … you. True, this move kind of requires some big … boobs and a large ego to boot(y). If you feel self-conscious (or just plain ridiculous) about having 12 “sexy” photos of you in a calendar, you could put together 12 great photos of you and your honey. Any photo printing service — such as Snapfish or Kinko’s — can do this service for you. Remember, Kim Kardashian’s pinup calendar, as a gift for boyfriend Reggie Bush, was a big hit. Yours could be too!
  4. Gift him something sexxxy. A couples massage kit, the Kama Sutra, or a new sex toy could do the trick. Just be sure to not go overboard into ridiculous with this idea; basically, don’t buy him anything on our list of 19 Christmas gifts that will not get you laid.
  5. Hang up some mistletoe already! It’s easy to forget to smooch, especially during the hectic days leading up to the holidays, when there are too many items on your to-do list to still cross off. But with this reminder hanging above the doorway into your living room and/or bedroom, you’ll be on your way to make-out city time and time again this holiday season.
  6. Eat with your eyes, not your mouth, this holiday season. What makes many of us start to feel unsexy around the holidays is the holiday bloat, the weight gain from too many wines, egg nogs, cheese platters, and sugar cookies. Make sexy eyes at each other instead of ogling the hot artichoke dip. Choose a smooch under the mistletoe instead of another wedge of Brie to get your pleasure zones pumping with blood. Your sex life — and your gut — will thank you.
  7. Sit down by the fire. Why does every swinging bachelor have a fireplace and a hot tub in his pad? Because getting hot literally makes you hot — duh! (Even if the mustachioed, hairy-chested dude who owns them is so not, he knows the fire/hot tub aphrodisiac effect.) We dare you to not get turned on when lying in front of a roaring fire with your guy — whether at your place, at a bar or at a ski lodge. What’s even better: to lounge by a fire after sledding/skiing/ice skating, when you both have that rosy warming-up glow.
  8. Make sure you have your own Christmas celebration. If you’re spending waaay too much time with family and not each other around Christmas, well, of course that’s going to affect the libido; also, there just isn’t enough time to get it on if your every moment is scheduled with family events around the holidays. Make sure you and your S.O. have your own Christmas celebration whether that means a date night to the see the Nutcracker ballet, driving around to see Christmas lights, and/or getting your own tree and decorating it together. Exchanging your gifts in private is kind of a must, too. Especially, if you followed suggestion #2, #3 or #4.
  9. When visiting your rents or in-laws, stay at a hotel. Many couples have a hard time getting it on when they know someone’s parents are sleeping in the next room — what if they hear a moan? Equally disturbing is if the room you’re staying in has not been re-decorated since your S.O. was a teenager or small child — doing it under a Laura Ashley duvet or in a room covered in “Star Wars” posters is not hot. One way to remedy this is by booking a room at a local hotel and forgoing staying with rents at all — hotel sex is hot!
  10. Sleep in on Christmas Day. So you can give each other your first Christmas gift of the day. Basically, just do it already. Hey, if you don’t get to items #1 through #9, then all you need is time, the time to get naked together in bed … even if you have to keep your door locked at your in-laws’ while you “sleep in.”