What Was The Best Sex You Had In 2010?

As 2010 edges to a close, dirty minds like mine think not of the resolutions I failed to follow through on. No, I reflect back on when, exactly, was the best sex I had all year. Was it that night in the hotel room in upstate New York? Anytime after I brought home a new water-based lube? That time he did that thing which I think might be illegal in Texas?

I want to say my best sex moment was when Amelia gifted me with a brand-spankin’-new Trojan Vibrating Tri-Phoria vibrator, which was sent to her at the office. It has eight settings — yes, eight! But I think if I said my best sex moment came from a vibrator, my boyfriend would be pissed. So I’ll say the best sex this year was pretty much anytime we did the magical “scissors” position. (How do I explain this one? He lies on his side and lifts one leg up like scissors opening vertically, while you lie on your back, spread your legs like scissors opening horizontally and put his thingy in your thingy. It’s an AMAZING position, at least for me!)

Because I’m nothing if not nosy, I checked in with other Frisky writers to find out what was their best sex of 2010. Our dirtiest deed deets, after the jump:Oral Sex Extravaganza:

“The best sex this year was hands down was with an artist I dated over the summer. I think what made it so hot was, because we were trying to take things slow, we’d have epic public makeout sessions before one of us would finally be like, ‘Let’s go to my place.’ Also, in almost two months of dating we never actually had sex-sex, as in the ‘p’ never actually went in the ‘v.’ It was all oral sex and massaging and rolling around naked for hours at a time. Funny how he sticks out as the best over the guys I actually boned. Though in retrospect, I wish we’d gone all the way. Because I bet that would’ve been amazing, too.”

Sexual Geography:

“I’ve been playing sexual geography since, well, I’ve been doing it. After scoring with Australia, North America, South America, Africa, and most of Europe, there was still one elusive content I couldn’t seem to bone a guy from: Asia. (Obvi, the north and south pole don’t count, because Mr. Claus is taken and I don’t make sexy times with penguins.) Anyway, this year, I finally hooked a mega-hot Indian guy. And we had one very magical night, and morning, before he had to travel back home. Asia, check!”

Sex In The Kitchen:

“We moved into a new apartment that actually has window coverings (unlike the old place where everyone could see our business in the high rise across the street) — you know, blinds! — so now we can do it on the floor, the couch, even in the kitchen. Anywhere in the apartment! And I won’t be freaked out that people are watching us. We can be spontaneous with where we do it again and not just keep it to the bedroom, which gets B-O-R-I-N-G.”

And 2 Realizations That Casual Sex Is Soooo 2007:

“The best sex of the past year for me was with someone I finally thought I could love for the long haul. It’s been years of promiscuity and after getting totally fed-up and deciding my Hitachi magic wand was a way better lover than most men, I have finally met someone I respect (and perhaps love) and that makes all the difference in the world. I’ve finally realized that sex without a connection isn’t worth the eventual psychological turmoil. It’s so much better to love the one you’re making love to!

“I learned this year that casual sex can be way more than casual. Ironically, getting to the pinnacle of how great casual sex can be just made me want to have a relationship. I realized that I am not cut out for the casual thing anymore.”

What was your best sex of 2010? Was it a particular instance, a bitchin’ move, a fabulous new toy or that time you closed your eyes and pretended your husband was Jon Hamm? Let us know in the comments. And here’s to a very sexy 2011!