What Men Want: A Gift Guide For Every Guy

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The “Music Is My Life” Guy

When I first met my friend Kyle, our boss introduced us and said, “This is Kyle. Music is his life,” and then Kyle looked at me with a really serious expression and was like, “It’s true.” My first thought was, “What kind of a d-bag says that music is his life?” but then we bonded over our love of Nine Inch Nails and now he’s one of my best friends. We all know a guy like this, whether it’s a little brother who never takes off his headphones, a boyfriend who spends all his money on concert tickets, or a dad who loves strumming “Moon Dance” at any opportunity.

  1. Muse Logo Ornaments, $12 for 4, Muse Store
  2. Record Player, $71, Amazon
  3. Concert Tickets, prices vary, Ticketmaster
  4. Black Sheep Headphones, $50, Skull Candy
  5. Fender Guitar Picks, $6, Guitar Center
  6. The Who Poster, $17, AllPosters.com
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