Totally DIY-Able Nail Art

I love nail art—been doing it for years, um, been getting it DID for years. I had the raddest, weirdest nails waaaaay before Willow Smith was on the scene. Swarovski crystals, 3D designs that were painstakingly done one petal at a time, multi-color hand-painted scenes, etc — all done by my amazing nail artist Thomas. I had it all. Or so I thought! Enter the totally DIY-able nail marbling technique. Based on the Turkish dying technique called Ebru, where dye is floated on water and then soaked into paper, this marbling technique is a bit of a process, but doesn’t require much skill to do. (So even a person like myself, who is quite apt at painting not only the nail but ALL of the skin around the nail, is able do it!) Take a look at this great tutorial video that shows the process, and then get ready to have a nail-painting party! You and your lady friends can help tape up each others’ fingers and scratch each others’ inevitable head itches while your nails are wet. Friends are great, aren’t they?!