Jillian Michaels Leaving “The Biggest Loser”: What Should She Do Next?

Jillian Michaels seems like someone I should like. She is hardworking, entrepreneurial, ardently tries to bring out the best in people, and is famous for something other than her butt. But frankly, the woman terrifies me. I cannot watch “The Biggest Loser” without fear that her glistening six-pack of steel will appear in my living room and scream, “Drop and give me 20! No, 50!”

Jillian recently tweeted that she is moving onto greener pastures. “Season 11 of Biggest Loser will be my last :) have to finish out my contract,” she said, referring to the season that starts in January. The notoriously intense personal trainer told her fans that she wants to “become a mommy” (likely through adoption), but we have some other career ideas for Miss Jillian:

  1. Jillian Michaels-branded gyms, a la Madonna’s gyms.
  2. Put out a line of sweatbands — or sweatpants!
  3. Frozen diet meals. YUM.
  4. Become a science researcher so she can find out what’s actually in those “potentially lethal” diet supplements she put her name on.
  5. A “Dr. Phil-“esque show where she gives advice about extreme diet and exercise to the masses.
  6. Chill out on all that obsessing about fitness! Maybe it’s time to enroll in a meditation workshop.

Any other ideas, Frisky-verse?

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