Purple: The Color Of Lesbians, And Now Bipartisans

Purple is a color loaded with meaning. At one time symbolizing royalty, it’s also come to be known as one of the colors representing LGBT groups and orgs. It’s more recently taken on a newer political meaning in America—that of bipartisanship. NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg has taken to wearing a purple tie at public events. He says, “Purple is made of two colors, red and blue. Red and blue seem to have some political significance.” Glad to see Mr. Bloomberg has a basic understanding of politics and also passed third grade art. Bloomberg has been showing off his purple pride and occasionally wearing red and blue together as a reminder that “a third of the people aren’t in either of the two major parties, and they deserve representation as well.”

Sure, a tie is a good start. But if you’re going to make the fashion statement, we’d be down to see the mayor in a dandy purple suit with a handsome lavender shirt. Go big, Mikey. [New York Daily News]