Puppies Are Not Accessories! Harvey Nichols Ad Treats Purse Dogs Like Jewelry

I love purse dogs as much as the next squeal-y girl, but certain things should not be treated as accessories: puppies, children and, oh yeah, puppies. Harvey Nichols’ holiday commercial dispatched dozens of cute puppies to a department store and showed posh lady-actresses shopping for dogs to match their shoes and coats — even wrapping them up in wrapping paper. Sorry if my feathers are ruffled (animal pun!), but my family has rescued stray or soon-to-be-killed animals all my life and I strongly believe depicting real, live dogs like any another inanimate object is inappropriate. As Verena von Pfettan at Styleite rightly says, the busiest time of year for animal shelters is March, when the cute li’l puppies given as holiday presents are now not-so-cute and housetraining on the carpet.

But other than that complaint: PUPPIES ARE CUTE, AWWW! [Styleite]