You May Want To Boycott Wrinkle-Free Fabrics After Reading This

So, you’re probably not thinking to yourself, “Oooh, man, I want that wrinkle-free L.L. Bean blouse for Christmas sooo bad.” (Maybe your mom is.) While wrinkle-free fabrics are not exactly a style selling point for young women, you’d be surprised by how often they are employed (especially in men’s dress shirts), not just in clothing, but also in household items like sheets, curtains, and upholstery. Apparently, these fabrics are made with processes involving formaldehyde, informs the New York Times. While this sounds dangerous, it’s not something to necessarily to get your underwear in a bundle about. Which wouldn’t actually be possible if they were wrinkle-free, har har.
We’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about the dangers of formaldehyde, most recently in Brazilian Blowout treatments. Again, the news there is that it sounds scarier than it is, and it probably causes a greater problem for the people working in the salons (still, not cool). The most likely problem contact from wrinkle-free fabrics would result in is a skin rash. But again, it’s factory workers that risk greater exposure. The levels of formaldehyde in clothing are not easily detected, meaning it’s usually a small amount, but studies lean on the cautious side because we just don’t know the long term effects. So: Something you shouldn’t freak out over, but definitely a consumer warning you should keep your eye on. [New York Times]

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