That’s Professor Gaga To You: Lady G Wants To Teach College Fashion Course

To her credit, Lady Gaga can claim being one of the era’s loudest fashion influences and her resume does boast innovation (meat dresses, anyone?) and important work in the industry (lookin’ hot for MAC, two years in a row). But does that make her qualified to teach college students about fashion? Apparently, the pop star has appealed to NYC’s Parsons School for Design to become an artist-in-residence. A “source” (whatever that means) says that Gaga wants to “use her famous fashion sense and avant-garde art obsession to launch an academic career,” and that “She would like to teach in the fashion-design programme and wants to incorporate elements of music study, popular culture and media studies.”We kind of doubt this will actually happen. Sounds more of an “I’m a celebrity so I’m going to tell people that they should listen to me” type of thing, and we’d easily suspect that Parsons has no official dealings with the singer—yet. But … it goes without saying that if, in some mixed-up world, Gaga got the job, she’d become most popular prof on campus in a matter of seconds. Can we come to office hours? [MTV NZ]