“Fairly Legal” Makes Justice Look Totally Sexy

“What does justice look like? 5’5″, brunette, great smile.”

So begins the trailer for “Fairly Legal,” USA’s new legal drama starring Sarah Shahi of “The L Word” as Kate, a former lawyer now working as a mediator. “Fairly Legal” — the title is a play on the term “barely legal” — also trills “justice never looked so good!” and employs the tag line “Less lawyer. More appeal.”

The other promos are just as sexist — why, we even get to see the panties on her law school-educated derriere!

And check out the poster for “Fairly Legal.” It’s rather … leggy.

Justice: do you want to bang it yet?

Don’t get me wrong: I’m happy a female lawyer is getting her own program. But like other TV shows before it, this promo totally leads with her being a Sexy, Sexy Lawyer instead of the fact that she’s, you know, a highly educated woman. For the love of Ruth Bader Ginsberg, why is how she looks so important? A dude starring in his own show — “House” for instance — would never get the sexypants treatment. [AfterEllen.com]

Image via AfterEllen.com