14 Celebrities Who Admit They Kinda Suck At Acting

suck justin timberlake jpg
When I first heard that Justin Timberlake had landed a role in “The Social Network,” I rolled my eyes so hard it hurt. But JT totally brought the sexy back and gave one of the most memorable performances in the flick, which is topping many folks’ top 10 lists for the year. Still, I’m a little nervous for him in his two upcoming movies—”Friends With Benefits,” the romantic comedy in which he stars with Mila Kunis, and “Now,” a sci-fi thriller in which he acts opposite Amanda Seyfried. In both these movies, will Justin be able to convince us that he is anyone besides, well, Justin?

Sounds like he isn’t sold himself. “I don’t think I’m the most talented,” Timberlake said. “I’m obviously not the best actor. But I found a way to have a voice. … At the end of the day, when they say ‘Action,’ it’s very similar to when the lights go down in the house. Eyes are directly on you and you’re responsible for making everything happen at that point.” [Oh No They Didn’t]

I greatly respect a celebrity who doesn’t think they are all that and a bag of chips. After the jump, other stars who don’t think they’re so great at the acting game.

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