“The Hasselhoffs” Is Cancelled, Already

“The Hasselhoffs” sounded like a great show idea in theory. But as soon as I heard that the series would follow David helping his two daughters start a business, I lost interest. I mean, no drunken cheeseburger rants? Apparently, the rest of the world felt the same way and when the show premiered, fewer than a million peeps tuned in. So A&E pulled the plug on the series after only two episodes. “It was an opportunity to have a half-hour commercial for who we are,” said David when the show premiered. “It was an opportunity to come clean and talk about what it’s like being David Hasselhoff and the business. It’s not like the Kardashians or Ozzy Osbourne. … Whether it lasts 10 more episodes or no more episodes, we did it, we’re there. And in the end, I’m happy with the progression of my daughters, and why we did it was to exploit their music.” [CNN]

Because every viewing audience wants to hear that they are being used.