“Family Matters'” Darius McCrary & 4 More Formerly Famous Actors Accused Of Abuse Or Worse

Former actor Darius McCrary, who played Eddie Winslow on “Family Matters,” was recently served with a restraining order. The legal action was the result of abuse accusations by his ex-wife Karrine Steffans. Steffans claims that McCrary beat her with a belt in front of her son and that this was not the first time he has harmed her. Currently, Darius is not allowed within a 100-feet of his wife, and she is looking to make the restraining order permanent with upcoming court appearances. [Huffington Post]

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a former actor has been accused of abuse later in life. Read on to see what past stars are sadly spending more time in court than on the screen.

  • Jaleel White: I don’t know what “Family Matters” was teaching behind the scenes, but their actors certainly haven’t absorbed the good morals their show preached. White, who played the show’s most memorable character, Urkel, was also recently accused of abuse. Allegedly, Jaleel punched the mother of his child in the breast while she was driving a car with their infant present. White claims that the accusations are a lie and just part of the baby mama’s dirty tricks to get custody of the child. I certainly hope so.
  • Andrew Keegan: You may know this actor as the tube sock model and schemer Joey in “10 Things I Hate About You.” It turns out that Keegan has some real-life schemes that are far from entertaining, especially for his ex-girlfriend Kristi Parrales. She accused Andrew of “running a campaign of terror” against her for over a year in 2009. Parrales says that the abuse included name calling, stalking, and tire slashing. Keegan says that she is a vindictive ex looking to get some easy revenge. I wonder what Julia Stiles thinks? [AOL]
  • Skylar Deleon: Skylar had his first taste of fame in a bit role on a “Power Rangers” TV show, but his second time in the spotlight was very different. Deleon admitted to murdering a couple on their yacht in order to have the luxury boat for himself and his cash-strapped family. The jury voted for the death penalty as punishment for Deleon in the 2008 case. He recently apologized for the heinous crime. [ABC]
  • Vincent Margera: Better known as the slightly creepy uncle “Don Vito” on the MTV show “Viva La Bam,” Margera eventually got in trouble for some seriously scuzzy stuff. He was arrested in Colorado for groping two underage girls and was eventually convicted of sexual assault and given 10 years of serious probation as punishment. Margera also rightfully had to register himself as a sex offender. [Denver Post]