Quickies: Paris Stilton, Racist Cupcakes & Kim Kardashian’s Latest Lover

  • Not to brag, but our Amelia made the Cheese People blog (her fave, outside of The Frisky, of course) today. “Paris Stilton” was her brilliant idea during a bout of insomnia. [Cheese People]
  • Check out Duncan Hines ad for “Hip Hop Cupcakes,” which has caused serious controversy for being, well, racist. [Eater]
  • Want to get laid this upcoming holiday? Try using one of these amazing Christmas-inspired pick-up lines. [BuzzFeed]

  • The most important dogs of 2010 is missing one very important canine — Amelia’s dog Lucca. Heads will roll! [BuzzFeed]
  • Who’s Kim Kardashian dating now? We can hardly keep up. [PopBytes]
  • Don’t fall for these chick magnet tricks! [BroBible]
  • This is totally what we want our wedding to be like. [Double Viking]
  • Some of us would rather die alone than date anyone who would participate in Gawker’s Online Dating experiment. [Gawker]