Patti Stanger Tried To Set Up Judith Regan And Sumner Redstone

On this season of “The Millionaire Matchmaker,” Patti Stanger has been in New York City, since apparently the single ladies here have been begging her for years to help. And in general, she seems to pretty much detest NY women. “L.A. is flaky and New York is snotty,” she explains. “‘Oh, excuse me, did you cure cancer yet, because I don’t think I can date you.’ A lot of those. And the girls were not as hot as I expected. There were a lot of girls who thought they were great, and I’m like, honey, you’re 25 pounds overweight … nobody wants to ride your ride.” [NY Post]

Patti has taken on some high-profile women this season, including DJ Sky Nellor. In next week’s episode, her client is Judith Regan, aka the publishing scion known for discovering authors like Wally Lamb and Douglas Coupland, and for almost publishing OJ Simpson’s oh-so-classy book, If I Did It.Judith is tight-lipped about what will happen on the episode. But she did spill on whom Patti tried to set her up with off-camera. “I’d just finished telling her that what I want more than anything in a man is wit,” Regan said. “[Patti] leans over and says, ‘This one will love you. You are sooo his type. I’ve been setting him up for years. He is just the most perfect guy, and he buys all of his women the best lingerie … And his name is Sumner Redstone!’ ” Yep, the media magnate who sits at the helm of Viacom, CBS, and Paramount Pictures.

On the levels of success and renown, these two are actually an interesting match. But Sumner is 30 years Judith’s senior. As in, he’s close to 90. But good try, Patti?