The 30-Day Cellulite Challenge: Day 30 And A Special Offer

The 30-Day Cellulite Challenge has come to an end. I used Karin Herzog’s Dynamic Duo anti-cellulite creams for a month, and I think my cellulite looks considerably better than it used to look. Now, Karin Herzog has a special offer for The Frisky readers after the jump. To be clear! This is not a paid promotion. I received two free samples of the Dynamic Duo, but I was not paid to endorse them. (In fact, I’m not endorsing them. I just spent 30 days blogging about how they affected my butt.) We waited to do an offer until the 30-day experiment was done, so my butt testing lab could remain a sacred place.

That said, I got good results. Will you? I have no idea. But if you want to get the Dynamic Duo and try it out yourself, the company has a special offer for you, dear Frisky readers. You can order your own by clicking here.

Let’s all convene in 30 days to see how we’re doing, shall we? Some of you asked if I stopped using it, would the cellulite come back, so I’ll update you on that, and if you start using the product, we can find out if you’re seeing results or not.

What I Learned: There is no shame in my game when it comes to booty blogging.