Kevin Bacon Plays The President Of His Fan Club In New Commercial

Normally, I view ads as things to be fast-forwarded past. But this one for Logitech Revue with Google TV is pretty awesome. It stars Kevin Bacon as … Kevin Bacon’s biggest fan—the president of his fan club who commissioned an oil painting of himself with Sir Bacon. Best line: “His best movie is probably a tie between all of them. “ Kevin said he had a great time pulling a “Being John Malkovich” for the commercial. “It was a really fun day [of shooting]. And what’s on the air is really just a tiny taste of what we shot,” he says. “The art director put [the Kevin Bacon paraphernalia] together. I had nothing to do with that. It blew my mind. I mean, I walked into this house and I was like, Oh my God, you gotta be kidding me. There was one little thing, I don’t know if you see it in the commercial or not, where they had taken this series of little diagrams of my hairstyles, from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. It’s just so silly. I loved it.” [EW]