Famous Men Who Took Their Wives’ Last Names

Earlier this year, a guy wrote to Dear Wendy upset that his girlfriend wouldn’t take his last name if they got married. Wendy’s response? “You’re not a hard-line traditionalist or a domineering macho type? Good! Then you shouldn’t have a problem with taking your wife’s name if you feel so strong in your convictions that a family unit should share the same surname.” It’s still not common, per se, but more and more men are taking their wives’ names for a variety of reasons—because their wife is an only child, because they like the sound of her name better, or because they don’t have a great relationship with their own father. Interestingly, there are lots of barriers up for guys thinking of doing this; it’s only an option in eight states. And in California, a dude had to sue to get the right to make the change. “I had a rough childhood with my father,” says Michael Buday, explaining why he wanted to take his fiancee Diana Bijon’s last name. “We never really got along. Diana’s father stepped up, gave me career advice. He’s family.” [USA Today]

Earlier, I brought you female celebrities who took their husbands’ names. It got me thinking, are there any male stars who’ve taken their wives’ names? The answer is yes. Find out who after the jump.

  • When Jay Mohr married actress Nikki Cox, he decided to legally add her name to his, making him Jay Cox Mohr. Many people mocked his decision, and others questioned why he put her name before his. TMZ’s obnoxious but funny answer? “Then he would have been Mohr Cox — and, well … that would just be wrong.” [TMZ]
  • Jay-Z is rumored to have added Beyonce’s name to his own, making him Shawn Knowles Carter. Not that either of them have any use for last names anyway. [All Hip Hop]
  • Shayne Lamas—daughter of Lorenzo Lamas, former “General Hospital” actress, and winner of “The Bachelor” season 12—surprised us all when she married Nik Richie of the website TheDirty.com. (And no, that’s not his original name—it’s his version of Perez Hilton.) Interestingly, he filed paperwork in Arizona to change his name to Nik Lamas-Richie. Why? He didn’t love his given name, Hooman Abedi Karamian. “[I] can’t even pronounce it,” he wrote in the filing. “People ask me if I am related to the Kardashians which is tacky.” Ooo-kay. [TMZ]
  • On a sweeter note, John Lennon is an original. When he married Yoko, he became John Ono Lennon. Whether she broke up The Beatles or not, he seriously loved her. [Wikipedia]
  • Julia Stiles is a single lady, but interestingly, she has her mother’s last name, which I think is pretty cool. (Her father’s is O’Hara.) I wonder if she’ll want to keep passing the name down when she has kids. [Wikipedia]