Want A Man? Wear A Hat

Ladies, having trouble attracting a man (AND HOW)? Then grab a bowler hat. That’s right: a bowler hat. According to Daily Mail writer Deborah Francis-White, a jaunty cap will do the trick to attract a mate. Says Francis-White:

“I’ve worn a bowler hat and the effect is extraordinary. When I walk down the street dressed ­normally, nothing happens. If I walk down the street in a bowler, a man will say at least five times a day: ‘Nice hat!’ — which I read as a more acceptable way of saying: ‘Nice breasts!’”

Or, maybe you’re just wearing a stupid hat? Francis-White goes on to say that, no really, the hat is a grrrrrrreat idea.

“Of course, you have to choose the right hat. Some woolly tea-cosy-style monstrosity your grandmother knitted won’t do. It’s got to stand out. Think a cowboy hat, cloche, pillbox — something that works with your personality or that gives you permission to try a new one.”

Real talk: Wearing a bowler hat is going to make men think you’re a Charlie Chaplin impersonator–not a sex goddess. And sorry, but a cowboy hat in almost every context is an utter abomination. We highly doubt that wearing hats is some magic man magnet, despite what Ms. Francis-White says. But her advice is hardly the only strange tip we’ve been given on “man-hunting.” And we’re willing to bet that someone out there has gotten (or given) even worse pick-up advice than that. So tell us: what’s the worst pick-up advice you’ve ever received? [Daily Mail]