Tabloid Cheat Sheet: Kendra Gives Up Her Kid? Jennifer Aniston Obsessed With Brad?

It was a relatively slow week in Tabloid Land, but that is no reason to slack off and not stay in the know. These gossip mags are charting out the long-running dramas of celebs’ lives, and you wouldn’t want to miss a chapter, would you? That would be like skipping a soap opera for a week and expecting to be on track when you decide to watch again. Wouldn’t you hate it if you didn’t know what was going on between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart? Or with Eva Longoria and Tony Parker’s divorce? That’s what I thought! So read on and keep up on new fodder for water cooler chitchat.

  • Celine Dion recently gave birth to twins at 42 after a long struggle to get pregnant thorough in vitro fertilization. Dion went through a miscarriage and six failed IVF attempts before becoming pregnant with the twins. Unfortunately, her heartache didn’t end there. Originally, Dion was supposed to be having triplets, but her doctor only detected two heartbeats a week after her first ultrasound. But all of that is behind Celine and her manager-husband Rene Angelil as they celebrate their new boys, Nelson and Eddy. The pair are healthy and surrounded by love—their parents shower them with affection, as does older brother Rene-Charles, and their aunts and grandparents as well. And who doesn’t love love?
  • People remembers the resilient Elizabeth Edwards, charting her life which was sadly cut short yesterday after losing her six-year battle with cancer. Edwards was at home surrounded by family and friends, including estranged husband John Edwards, when she calmly passed. In her last months, Elizabeth stayed optimistic helping her oldest daughter decorate her new home and thinking about the high school graduation of her youngest children. As she put it, “I want to walk them to the door of the next part of their lives.” Sadly, that won’t happen. But her family says they’ll remember her as a fighter, mother, caregiver, and beautiful soul who will continue to live on with them forever.
  • To end on a brighter note, let’s look at one of The Frisky’s favorite men—Isaiah Mustafa. The sexy face and body of Old Spice shared five interesting facts about himself, which we will add to our comprehensive research file “Ways to Make Isaiah Mustafa Mine.” Things you need to know? Isaiah is a vegan whose favorite meal includes grilled veggies and mashed sweet potatoes. Also Mustafa admits he is a bit of crooner, but keeps his singing talent under wraps unless he is doing karaoke. So ladies, stock up on yams and practice your best “Paradise City.” But do it quickly because we might beat you to it. [People]

  • Ah! Here’s a new story! Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are “Sick of Each Other.” Supposedly, spending 12-hour work days together is tearing this alleged couple apart. While the two were said to be all googly-eyed and love struck just a month ago, now the honeymoon feeling of filming “Breaking Dawn“‘s honeymoon scenes is rapidly wearing off. The two are said to spend every second apart from each other that they can on set, a separation that continues to their shared home in Baton Rouge, where they are said to be sleeping in different bedrooms. Another big problem? The fictional baby the couple are having in the new “Twilight” film. Apparently, pretending to have a baby with your real boyfriend can make the relationship a little awkward. Sounds like health class.
  • And now a really old story. Poor spinster Jennifer Aniston is still hopelessly in love with ex-hubby Brad Pitt. The tabloids are on a continual mission to paint Aniston as the most desperate woman alive, and an insider helps Star out, saying that on Jen’s Thanksgiving vacation to Mexico she broke down in tears telling her friend Chelsea Handler how she can’t let go of Brad. Other sources say that the reason Aniston can’t get over it is because Pitt won’t stay out of her life. The former couple still texts, talks, and supposedly has secret meet-ups at Brad’s production office in Beverly Hills. It sounds like Jen needs a Frisky Break-Up Guide for Christmas. Or maybe the gossip mags could just leave her alone.
  • So I ignored Star’s pretty much debunked story about Britney Spears being abused by Jason Trawick to bring you whispers about a Kelsey Grammer sex tape. You can thank me later. Grammer’s soon to be ex-wife Camille is said to be threatening Kelsey with a set of kinky sex tapes the two made. The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star is supposedly looking for big money from her divorce and says she will show the public Kelsey’s private sex life if he doesn’t pay up. The videos are said to contain scenes of the “Frasier” star tied up and begging for sex and being spanked while speaking in a baby voice. Basically, it is stuff that will keep you up at night. [Star]

  • Kendra Wilkinson is keeping herself in the news with the continuing drama regarding the distance between her and football hubby Hank Baskett. The latest chapter is that Kendra has decided to leave baby Hank in the care of his dad in Minnesota, because she is too busy traveling around promoting products and her show. Now, Wilkinson is feeling the pain of being alone for the first time since her son was born and says the best gift would be able to be with her entire family for once this Christmas. She keeps in touch with Baskett and her baby via Skype and also overshares that this is how the couple has sex. This story was kind of relatable until then.
  • The surprising aspect of this next story is not what Johnny Depp has to say to OK!—it’s the fact that they got a real interview with the A-list actor in the first place. I don’t know how this happened, but I am going to chock it up to dark deeds committed by the editorial staff. The interview isn’t revolutionary but holds some fun facts about the actor. Johnny shares that he likes to paint in his down time, especially portraits of elephants. Depp also regards sleep as the world’s greatest invention and if he could meet anyone, he would want to sit down and have a cigarette with God. I find it to be an act of God that there wasn’t one anonymous source in this whole article.
  • While we called “America’s Next top Model” winner Ann Ward one of the show’s ugly ducklings, plenty of others are labeling Ann as anorexic. Ward went to OK! to shoot down eating disorder rumors, protesting that she couldn’t change her body if she tried. Ann explains that her entire family grew up skinny and tall, not gaining weight because of fast metabolisms. The 6’2″, 100-pound model claims she is just a victim of genetics, and that it has made her victim of bullying. Ward says that in third grade she was already taller than her teacher and suffered teasing for her lanky physique throughout school. Overall, though, Ann says “ANTM” helped her embrace her abnormalities. [OK!]

  • Eva Longoria and Tony Parker met publicly for the first time since announcing their divorce, chatting over salads at a Santa Monica restaurant. Onlookers say that the meeting was civil and short, with Longoria consoling Parker partway through their conversation. But friends want the public to know that this is not any sort of reconciliation—the pair was just discussing divorce details. Insiders say that Parker has been a gentlemen throughout the proceedings and isn’t interested in a vicious legal battle. “He’s been conscious of doing right by Eva,” the source says. “He loves her.” Should of thought of that before he racked up several hundred incriminating text messages.
  • Kate Middleton is getting all fluffed and trained to be a proper royal, but things are little bit different this time around. The tragedy surrounding Princess Diana has caused the royal family to change their ways. Unlike Diana, Kate is encouraged to speak up when she is unhappy with something. Plus, her “commoner” family will be included in the wedding planning and invited to formerly royal-only festivities. But some things haven’t changed. Kate is learning the specifics of curtsying and has dropped some of her hobbies because they attracted too much public attention. And the Disney movies always made being a princess look easy.
  • Britney Spears and Jason Trawick decided to put the whole abuse scandal behind them and jet off to Mexico. While I am sure part of the reason for the “long planned” trip was to keep up appearances, the couple is said to be having a good time. Jason supposedly surprised Britney by having her favorite red velvet cake flown in from L.A. to celebrate her 29th birthday. Sources say the big abuse story was out of the pair’s minds while they were away. Apparently, when the two first heard the story and the accompanying audio, they laughed at how ridiculous it was. But they’re now taking legal action. Hasn’t Jason Alexander caused Spears enough legal finagling? [Us Weekly]