Joy Behar To Judge The 2011 Miss America Pageant

Color me shocked: Joy Behar, the one co-host of “The View” who makes any damn sense, will be judging the 2011 Miss America pageant. Now, if the qualities needed to rate women in bikinis include not being a misogynist and a prescription pill addict, Joy Behar is a vast improvement over last year’s judge, Rush Limbaugh. Still, what is this woman thinking?2010 Miss America Caressa Cameron stopped by “The View” to drop off a sparkly crown for Joy. Joy told the audience, “My daughter said, ‘You call yourself a feminist? Judging the Miss America contest?” Would love to know how Joy responded to that quote.

Although I did not see the show myself, USA Today reports that Joy and her co-hosts then “discussed that [Miss America is] not a beauty contest, it’s about scholarship and ‘being healthy,’ as Cameron said.”

Not a beauty contest my ass.

About “being healthy” my ass.

The old “scholarships” canard hardly makes up for the fact that beauty pageants further beauty ideals that leave a lot of us out: long hair, Caucasian features, tall, skinny and able-bodied. While, occasionally, pageants represent “diversity” — and I truly mean that word to be in quotation marks — with a Muslim winner or a contestant with alopecia, she will otherwise fit every single one of those other characteristics. (This is besides the point, but I resent the fact that the largest amount of scholarship money given to young women in the world comes through beauty pageants, not through, say, science fairs, poetry contests, or cook-offs.) Need I remind you that the Miss California Organization paid for former Miss USA runner-up Carrie Prejean’s breast implants? Because, you know, we all know how aesthetic enhancements on our chests factor into being healthy.

These are not things I thought Joy Behar stood for, even if she does use the judge position (alongside “Desperate Housewives” creator Marc Cherry and others) to offer some feminist commentary about this meat market.

Joy, you’ve lost a fan.

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