Gisele Is The New Captain Planet

UN Goodwill Ambassador, mom, and model Gisele Bunchen is now also a cartoon environmental crime fighter. She is the star of a new web series for AOL Kids called “Gisele & The Green Team.” In it, she basically plays a girl version of Captain Planet, guiding the teens she works with at a clothing store to stop eco-disasters. Forget the obvious powers of earth, wind, water, fire, and heart. When these ladies combine, they have the awesomely strange powers of telepathy, remote viewing, foresight, earth memory and telekinesis … yeah, I had to look that one up. Hope the kids get it!

Well, at the very least, Gisele in animation form will be a new cartoon character for the Comic Con-loving men in your life to have a boner for. Speaking of wood, above is the first of the 26 episode series, which has Gisele fighting some low-down, dirty loggers. [The Hairpin]