Fab Morvan Of Milli Vanilli Is Back

It’s hard to recognize Fab Morvan without the dreadlocks, but you know him as one half of Milli Vanilli, who infamously had their Grammy stripped in 1990 after it came out that they were lip-synching to other people’s voices on their tracks. What’s so tragic about this story is that: (a) the other half of the duo, Rob Pilatus, was found dead of a prescription pill overdose in 1998 and (b) that the guys could actually sing, and it seems like they were railroaded by their producer into taking credit for others’ vocals. Heck, they were homeless when they signed their contract. So I’m very glad to hear that Fab—who is pretty easy on the eyes with his closely cropped hair—is back in the music game.He’s put together a band, SMFM, and is recording music in Amsterdam, where he lives. But he’s not afraid to go back to his roots. Above, see him do “Girl You Know It’s True.” And here, check out a video of him practicing it with his band.

“It was difficult to rebuild my life with this stigma,” he says. “But I want ‘Milli Vanilli’ to mean when you fall, you stand up and go forward. And no one can take that away from you.”

You go, Fab. And please do “Blame It On The Rain” next.