Ask The Man Panel: On The Fringe

This week, in response to a reader request to have the Man Panel review “something that normal people would actually wear,” I decided to get their thoughts on this fringed shawl cardigan from Forever 21. Personally, I’m a huge fan of the current blanket sweater trend, because it’s the next best thing to cutting two arm holes into your down comforter and wearing it to work (something I’ve considered on more than a few chilly mornings). But let’s see what the men had to say …
Nick, 24: I actually really like it. It looks cozy.

Damien, 34: This is something normal people wear? Are you sure you sent me the right link?

Henry, 26: I kind of dig these kind of sweaters. I imagine wearing them is like being on a really comfortable vision quest.

Kyle, 22: I don’t think the chief from Peter Pan would appreciate this.

Chris, 29: I suddenly have a burning desire to bust out my Atari 2600 … and as a nerd, that makes this sweater uncomfortably attractive.

Corwin, 24: My grandpa gave me this exact sweater when I was 9 years old. I wore it a lot but then he came over for dinner and told me it was a rug.