25 Relationship Red Flags To Watch For

Yesterday, I received a letter from a reader who says she has “terrible taste in boyfriends” and gets quickly attached to them and tends to “gloss over any bad attributes they might demonstrate that could represent negative qualities to come.” So, she asked if there were any “lesser known, more subtle relationship red flags” that she should watch for early on. Oh, honey! The list of dating-related red flags could go on and on. But to help save her and others potential relationship train wrecks, I’ve culled 25 of the more outrageous and surprisingly overlooked red flags I’ve heard of. Check ‘em out after the jump.

  1. You find out he lied on his online profile.
  2. He invites you to a hotel (room) for your third date.
  3. He’s older than 30 and has never had a relationship last longer than three months.
  4. He asks to borrow large sums of money.
  5. He’s in his mid-20s or older and has never left home.
  6. He still has photos of his ex up in his apartment and when you ask about them, he shrugs and says, “We’re still friends.”
  7. He constantly quotes his therapist.
  8. He’s obsessed with Jake Gyllenhaal.
  9. He tells you he likes you so much he wants to date other women just to make sure you’re as perfect in comparison as he thinks you are.
  10. You’ve been out several times and he hasn’t made a move yet.
  11. He has a pet name for your best friend but not for you.
  12. He always needs at least a couple drinks before he’s “in the mood.”
  13. You’ve been dating him three months and have yet to meet a single friend, co-worker, or family member of his.
  14. He answers your phone calls less than half the time.
  15. He calls you by the wrong name more than once.
  16. You haven’t gained an ounce since you met him but he tells you you should lose weight.
  17. He calls you his girlfriend by your second date.
  18. He says you remind him of his sister.
  19. He says you remind him of his ex.
  20. You catch him perusing Casual Encounters on Craigslist and he says he’s just looking for new friends.
  21. He says he can’t afford to take you out to dinner, but plays high-stakes poker with the guys every week.
  22. He needs a roommate, so he asks his ex to move in.
  23. He has panties in his dresser drawer.
  24. He’s 45 but only dates women who are 25 and younger.
  25. You have to initiate every date.