Disneyland Is Basically A Giant Graveyard

The scariest scenario I could imagine as a child—besides swimming in the middle of a large body of water alone in the dark—was being trapped at Disneyland alone riding the rides. I don’t know if I had an over-active imagination or what, but I was pretty creeped out by all those pirates, ghosts, and animals. They definitely came to life after everyone left. Even as an adult, Disneyland still irks me. There is some strange dark, energy lurking just beneath “The Happiest Place on Earth.” Turns out Disneyland has some skeletons in its closet. Amusement park researcher Christopher Strodder recently revealed a disturbing fact about the park. “There are six or seven graveyards at Disneyland that can be easily seen if you take the time to look around. Four at the Haunted Mansion, including a pet cemetery, and one in the Storybook Land canal boat ride during the ‘Alice ‘n Wonderland’ part. There’s also a graveyard on Tom Sawyer Island,” Strodder revealed. Why?

Next time you take the kiddies there you can play a game of “find the graveyards.” Maybe Walt himself is cryogenically frozen in one of them? Oh Disneyland, how you continue to disturb me. [AOL]