16 Things We’d Never Do Again … In Bed

You have to try everything once, right? But that doesn’t mean you’re gonna do it twice. Our lady panel shares 16 things they will never, ever do during sexy times again. Have you done them? Would you do them again?

  1. “Finish on my face, literally, anywhere but the face.“
  2. “I will never have another one-night-stand without using a condom. I got gonorrhea. I felt like a f**king after-school special.”
  3. “One guy wanted me to slap him in the face. While I do occasionally enjoy giving a good slap in bed, the face is too intimate.”
  4. “I won’t, however, let a guy smack me in the face during sex again. The one who did did it without permission, but it wasn’t hot.”
  5. “My high school boyfriend spanked me with a coat hanger that he’d twisted into a paddle shape. That left a welt.”
  6. “Put a picture of my parents on my nightstand. I was in a position where I looked up, and there they were. Awkward.”
  7. “Laugh at his sexy talk. Whoops! That kinda crushed him.”
  8. “Try to do it in the bathtub. It doesn’t work, except in the movies.”
  9. “I once thought it would be a good idea to use ice during sex on a really hot summer day. One of the cubes ended up in my vagina. It was like having a really, really bad brain freeze between my legs.”
  10. “Just go through with the sex even though he started acting weird, lame, or crazy once we got back to my place. I swear, I will kick out the next weirdo! Bad sex is worse than no sex.”
  11. “Have a cheating hookup. The guilt wrecked my self-esteem.”
  12. “Play ‘rape fantasy.’ It actually scared me how into it he was. I felt like I saw his dark side.”
  13. “Use olive oil as lube. I ruined a good pair of sheets because I was too lazy to run to the store.”
  14. “Quote a sex statistic. Job hazard of being a Frisky blogger …”
  15. “Make out with another girl to get my boyfriend off. Turns out, I’m not even a little gay.”
  16. “Stick my finger in the booty hole after I just got acrylic nails put on.”

Honorable Mention:” I would like to say anal, but I just know I have too many men in my future for that to be true. Sigh.”