Frisky Rant: Puh-lease, Pete Doherty Is NOT Fat

Last week, Babyshambles and Libertines’ frontman Pete Doherty showed off some serious hotness at the launch of his men’s accessory line. While his designs are gorgeous, people seemed more interested in calling the recently rehabbed rock star a heffer. From British papers to bitchy blogs, the poor dude was dubbed “fat” and “bloated.” And those are just superlatives in the headlines! Um, people, Pete Doherty is not fat! He is the very definition of healthy now that he’s cleaned up and is not literally “heroin-chic” anymore. Sheesh! Can’t we celebrate that the Brit hottie is no longer a drug addict?!

And honestly, if he were a woman, all of us lady bloggers would be on the defense, crying, “This is how little girls get eating disorders!” in response to the press calling him an ugly fatty because he put on a few pounds. Really, he’s totally at a perfectly normal weight. I bet even the BMI would agree. So, STFU meanies!

Bottom line, Doherty’s new jewelry designs totally rock, much like everything else he’s put out. Shouldn’t we all be happy the baby-faced hunk got his life back together and celebrate this multi-talented musician? WTF.

So, let us here at The Frisky be the first to congratulate you, Pete, on your new line and your new lease on life. We think you’re still a very sexy gentleman, hot stuff. [I’ll congratulate him, Sim, but I definitely don’t find him hot. — Editor] And please, make some more sweet records!