Watch 15 Fashion Addicts Refrain From Purchasing For A Year

The idea of going on a spending fast is nothing novel—we’ve heard stories about people challenging themselves to not even buy one single thing or to refrain from buying anything that’s absolutely unnecessary. Here’s a new project: the Free Fashion Challenge takes 15 “fashion addicts” (they really can call themselves this because the group is made up of fashion professionals and students) and asks them to not buy any clothes for a year. During that time, they blog about their experiences, and some even face extra challenges. Why do this? The website explains: “Over the last few decades fashion has become more and more about consumption … With the Free Fashion Challenge we want to find out what the meaning of consumption is within the definition of fashion. We think fashion is more than shopping. Don’t get us wrong, we are no fashion haters. We love fashion but we think it is not necessarily about buying stuff. Fashion should be about creativity, adornment, joy, quality and good design.”

We think this is a really cool perspective, and will be interested to see how the subjects react. It’s definitely a good resource if you’re thinking about doing a fashion fast yourself. This way you can really know what goes into it! Do you think you could take the challenge? [Free Fashion Challenge]