Angelina Jolie Fires Back At Bosnian Love Story Hater

Angelina Jolie has not had an easy time filming a love story set during the Bosnian war. After rumors circulated that the film told the story of a Serbian rapist and his Muslim victim, a group called the Women Victims of War Association accused Angie of “misleading history.” It’s unclear how large the group is, but they’ve gained international headlines for their complaints. Although she’s denied her flick tells a rapist’s love story, Angelina made matters worse when she did not include a copy of her script when applying for a filming permit in Bosnia, which is required. She tried the diplomatic route — offering to meet with the association — but they still threatened to complain to the United Nations for hiring her as a goodwill ambassador. Surely, that’s a notion Jennifer Aniston could latch onto. Seemingly fed-up, the superstar is now dismissing the concerns as a big fuss being kicked up by one noisemaker. “There’s one person who has a gripe,” she told Reuters. “The absolute majority of the people, population, the cast, prime minister, president have been extremely supportive.” She also noted that much of her film crew also lived through the war. I’m inclined to agree with Angelina that the complainer is likely just a misinformed squeaky wheel — but maybe she’s learned a valuable lesson on how to better manage PR when it comes to sensitive topics. []